Little Lambs preschool has been a part of our community for over 35 years.  Teachers Kathy Kokot and Julie Kukulis bring a warm wealth of experience to the classroom, offering:

  • Introduction to Caledonia School’s academic program ‘Zoophonics’
  • Concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers, letters, etc. through games, songs, stories, crafts, and more.
  • Learning independence, self-confidence, self-control, and responsibility.
  • Learning important tasks such as recognizing their name, following directions, learning to sit for a length of time, raising their hand to ask a question or to have a turn, etc.
  • Making social contacts-learning to make friends.
  • Explore and learn through play with opportunities to discover.
  • Exploring and using materials to strengthen fine motor skills such as scissors, holding a pencil, etc.
  • Encouraging Christian interaction through songs, stories, and prayer!

A Day at Little Lambs

9:00-9:25 Free Time/Friendship Time (Play and Explore their surroundings)
9:25-10:10 Clean-up and Circle Time (Attendance, Jobs, Buddies, Calendar,  Music,  Zoo Phonics, Exercises , and movements, etc.)
10:35-11:00 Snack/Center Time (Handwritting without Tears program, Fine Motor  Skills, Library Books, ect.)
11:00-11:20 Free Time/Crafts/Centers
11:20-11:30 Clean-up (Backpack and Mail)

Zoo Phonics

Zoo-phonics: (a) Uses 26 animals to teach letter shapes and sounds. (b) Teaches the lowercase letters before introducing capitals. (c) Teaches letter sounds before letter names. (d) Teaches a body movement, or “signal,” in association with each Animal/letter of the alphabet. These “Signals” aid memory and bring fun into the classroom. (e) Treats the alphabet as a whole and goes from “a-z.” (f) Teaches short vowels before long vowels. (g) Uses “word family” patterns to teach reading and spelling, because children are “naturals” at finding and remembering patterns.

Handwriting Without Tears

The goal of Handwriting Without Tears® is to make legible and fluent handwriting an easy and automatic skill for all students.  The unique and compelling curriculum design and teaching strategies facilitate this goal.