Executive Governing Board

Our board members are 100% volunteers that serve in the capacity to manage the business side of the co-op. Board members volunteer each spring/summer to serve for the upcoming school year.  The board members meet once a month throughout the school year and they decide on policies and guidelines for the operation of the school. Our board members know that the students always come first; they make every decision with only the best interests of the students in mind.

We welcome all school members to attend the monthly meetings in order to provide input or just simply to know we make decisions and how the school is operating.

Meet Our Executive Board

Rachel Kowatch
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Sara Hoeft
Vice President
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Katie & Ben McLeskey
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Eric VanSledright
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Jordyn Duelo
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Stefanie Selby
Fundraising - Sales
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Alli VanSledright
Fundraising - Events
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